Tourism Pillar

What defines a luxury experience? Everything  that turns a great trip into a memory that lasts a lifetime. These memories are created from authentic hospitality and care. Yes, Greece has it all and was voted the best travel destination of the year for luxury tourism. Breathtaking beaches, luxury resorts and yachts that will make you feel the way you deserve, and the cultural stimuli will make you feel sophisticated. Elite tourism in Greece offers a plethora of options that can wow even the most experienced of travelers.
Greece is indeed the ideal destination for luxury vacations. It will allow you to relax, enjoy, dive into the crystal-clear waters, and leave all your everyday worries behind.

Greece is making major investments in the tourism industry, transforming traditional “sun and beach” tourism into a list of various alternative products. Cultural and religious tourism, health and medical tourism, nautical tourism and even thematic winter tourism are just some of the areas that will help Greece attract numerous visitors and complement the famous Greek tourism product.